Who we are

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Friends of Banyule was formed in July 2008, to offer a platform for the ‘No Freeway through Banyule’ petition circulating in the community.

Our campaign No to the North-East Link freeway is based on the fact that there are more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for transport in our area.

Building a $6 billion dollar plus, freeway/tunnel/viaduct through our parklands is not the answer.

We are a not-for-profit community organisation that works to protect and enhance the environmental values of Banyule City.

We lobby State and Federal Governments as well as Banyule City Council on issues such as public transport, the environment and the protection of the Yarra Corridor.



3 Responses to Who we are

  1. Arthur Humphreys says:

    I cannot bring up the map showing the route of the North-East link. I have seen the maps on the fences around the flats but they do not show detail. I cycle from Eltham on the Yarra Trail so I have an interest.

  2. elzette says:

    I am an Urban Planner in South Africa and came across your site when researching a topic of an academic paper I am writing. Could you please contact me as I need to establish the procedure if I was to insert some of the images on your website into my paper.


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