Banyule homestead on the market!

Banyule Homestead Matters

Well, well, I see that Banyule Homestead is on the market with expressions of interest closing on the 8th May 2014.  It looks absolutely magnificent.

I note with some concern that the advertisement refers to “scope for a 3/4 lot land sub-division (STCA). ”  I hope that any new buyer of Banyule Homestead knows that it is a property loved and valued by many, many people in the community.  My dearest wish is that the new purchaser nurtures the property in its entireity as a landmark of Melbourne, splendid in its surroundings.

We watch.

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About Friends of Banyule Inc

President & Public Officer of Friends of Banyule Inc, a community not- for-profit organisation to enhance and protect the environmental assets of Banyule City. Currently fighting the proposed NE Link freeway through one of inner Melbourne's most ecologically sensitive areas and historical areas.
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3 Responses to Banyule homestead on the market!

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    The council should buy and turn into some sort of arts hub, where classes can be run, there can be exhibitions and have a coffee shop. We need something like that here.

  2. Julian K says:

    I spent some of my childhood with the Simpson LLoyd Jones family here, what an amazing place. It would be a shame to lose this landmark property.

  3. ChronicallyCynical says:

    History would suggest that the council is uninterested Leanne; back when it was offered to them in 1994 they made it pretty clear that they did not want to be the ones to own it.

    Vin Heffernan, the Member for Ivanhoe at the time, stated the following to The Heidelberger: “It was put to them (the council) to have some imagination and they have now said that even if we (the State Government) give it to them it is beyond them,”

    You can read more about how Banyule Homestead went from public hands to private on the site that this was originally posted on, ‘Banyule Homestead Matters’ (including the rest of that Heidelberger article from ’94). Like all of their articles on the history of Banyule Homestead is quite an interesting read.

    The council outright refused their best opportunity to get their hands on Banyule Homestead 20 years ago (going so far as to say that they wouldn’t even take it for free!), so why would they buy it now? I don’t think that today’s council has any more vision than the council back then with regards to Banyule Homestead, it’s much easier and cheaper for them to leave it in private hands.

    As much as I’m sure people might hope otherwise, I’d be extremely surprised if the new owner doesn’t continue down the path of subdivision. Heritage Victoria already issued the permit for subdivision, VCAT’s decision offered no lasting protection (if anything it was the exact opposite, simply offering advice on what to change to get subdivision through) and the council’s refusal and public outrage seemed suspiciously close to council election time (I’m sure that they do care to a certain degree but will they fight just as hard in a non-election year?) It will certainly be interesting to compare the future owner’s subdivision ambitions with those of the current owner.

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