Banyule Council Community Transport Workshop

Read more about the recent Banyule Council Community Transport Workshop which was attended by a number of Friends of Banyule members. We will continue to follow up with Council on what the review process will be for current and future strategies and report back to you on relevant outcomes and how interested members of the community can continue to be involved.

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Goal and Context

The goal of the workshop , as explained by Scott Walker, the director of city development at Banyule, was to provide the community with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Banyule City Integrated Transport Plan; the previous plan for 2003-13, has recently expired and a new one is now needed. He noted in his opening comments that the two most common issues mentioned by Banyule city residents are “trees and transport”; also, that transport and land use – what is built where – are inextricably linked.

Background Information

Three people gave brief presentations in order to brief the 50-some residents, who had braved the wild and wooly weather that autumn Tuesday, some even by bike, with information pertinent to the topic. Kevin Agen, from the Banyule City Council, outlined the role of the BCC Transport division, which is mostly involved in daily activities, but…

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‘Age’ article on Banyule Homestead

The link to the article on The Age website, published earlier through the Banyule Homestead Matters blog doesn’t seem to work. Please try this one instead:


Banyule Homestead Matters

And today, the Age has an article.

Actually, the Secretary of Heidelberg Historical Society had much more to say about Banyule Homestead, but it didn’t make the article!

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Banyule homestead on the market!

Banyule Homestead Matters

Well, well, I see that Banyule Homestead is on the market with expressions of interest closing on the 8th May 2014.  It looks absolutely magnificent.

I note with some concern that the advertisement refers to “scope for a 3/4 lot land sub-division (STCA). ”  I hope that any new buyer of Banyule Homestead knows that it is a property loved and valued by many, many people in the community.  My dearest wish is that the new purchaser nurtures the property in its entireity as a landmark of Melbourne, splendid in its surroundings.

We watch.

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How East West link impacts Banyule residents and NE link

The East West Link, it solves Melbourne's traffic congestion...

The East West Link, it solves Melbourne’s traffic congestion…

Friends of Banyule President Dennis O’Connell is appearing at the East West Link project panel hearings today. In his presentation he will outline why the EW link should not proceed and how Banyule residents will be impacted. Below is the transcript for your edification.
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Week one top ten – East West Link hearings

The EW link hearings daily blog. A well written synopsis of each day as it unfolds. Sign up and keep up to date.

East West Link Blog

Is the CIS standing up to scrutiny?

Five barristers and five expert witnesses later and the jury of public opinion is unimpressed.

After just five days out of thirty, here are the top ten points to note:

1. The East West Link tunnel will not deliver commuters better travel conditions during peak hours.  The benefits will be for off-peak travel. The LMA traffic expert, Michael Veitch, gave this evidence: “The project will generate off-peak benefits … A lot of our major infrastructure has congestion … This project is not going to solve Melbourne’s peak hour capacity problem.”

2.  Inconsistency is a hallmark of the traffic evidence put to the panel.  Expert witnesses for the LMA testified that: there will be a big increase in traffic on the eastern freeway if the EWL is built (60-70,000 more vpd); the tunnel will be at capacity by 2031; and benefits to Alexandra Pde will reduce…

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Weekend Wanderings – No Freeway Through Banyule

This gallery contains 29 photos.

A grea new photo blog from Leanne Cole about the Banyule Flats area. Leanne’s photos reflect our long dry summer and that it’s nearly autumn, one of my favourite times of the year here in Banyule. I hope Leanne continues … Continue reading

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East West Link will be as disastrous as the desal deal:

Protesters in Carlton rally against the East West Link. Photo: Angela Wylie

Protesters in Carlton rally against the East West Link. Photo: Angela Wylie

In an insightful article in The Age (Victorian desal plant and east-west link disasters are off the rails; 25/11) senior columnist Kenneth  Davidson was scathing in his analysis of the East-West Link project, due to its funding and a lack of information being made available to the public. This is definitely worth a read.

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Banyule Wetlands

Andrew Friend is a hobby photographer and recently visited the Banyule Flats wetlands. I really like his photographic style, how he captures the serenity of the wetlands and the detail revealing itself in the close ups. For more of his work visit his blog via the link.

Andrew Friend Photography

Hi everyone,

Recently I visited the Banyule Flats Reserve, which has a large lake and wetlands area close to the Melbourne CBD. It was an interesting area full of bird life. Unfortunately I didn’t get as close to the birds as I had hoped. Instead I captured photos of the wetlands and plants. What do you think of the photos I captured?



Cheers, Andrew

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Benefits of Doncaster Rail – What’s in it for Banyule Residents?

Saving Melbourne from gridlock

Saving Melbourne from gridlock

By Ian Hundley and Marion Ware

We need to support the Doncaster Rail and campaign against the East West Tollway. Once the latter is built the North East Tollway through pristine Banyule parklands will swiftly follow suit. What are the benefits of a Doncaster Rail link for Banyule residents?

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Opposition to $8 billion EW tollway tunnel continues to grow

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Earlier this month representatives from Friends of Banyule attended a meeting of the former CTAG (Coalition of Transport Action Groups) at the Collingwood Elderly Citizens Hall.
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