Rosanna’s Peak Hour Sardine Express

Metro trains packed like sardines

By Lara

Did anyone who caught the 8.23 from Rosanna on Tuesday happen to see the article by James Schloelffel in The Age on the same day (Time to put the brakes on Metro’s advertising spending spree The Age, 14 June 2011)? Goodness knows you had plenty of time to read it.
In the article James discusses the “This is me.” advertising campaign being run by Metro and goes on to write about a trip on the 7.42 train from Greensborough. Well, the people on the 8.23 from Rosanna had their own “This is me” moment on Tuesday. Hundreds of people jam-packed into the train endured impotent frustration as the train slowly rolled out of Clifton Hill, pausing after each station along the way to complete its express journey to Jolimont in, and get ready for it, over 1.5 hours! The carriage I was on had a barely working intercom and a message that possibly mentioned a slow train in front was heard by a few passengers – but couldn’t be sworn to – and the information quickly spread through the carriage to commuters hungry for information and desperately trying to reschedule their days and rue missed meetings, friends and classes. The most annoying thing about this (so much worse than getting coffee if you are a tea drinker) was the fact that people were not told what the delay was or how the long the delay was expected to be. And worse, there was no option for people but to remain on the train as each station was slowly passed so that the train could just stop the other side of the platform and wait for signal changes. Why is it so hard to provide people with appropriate and up to date information about train services and to be flexible so that if there is a problem on the line (the Metro website later stated that there was equipment failure at West Richmond) express trains re-schedule their routes to stop at train stations rather than just past them? Surely it would be better if people could get off and make their way via trams and buses if the system is facing such catastrophic failure? Anyway, for all those people stuck on that train Tuesday, “This is me.” yesterday, today and probably tomorrow.

Does anyone else have any interesting “This is me.” story from trains or public transport through Banyule? Would love to hear them. The more outrageous, the better.


About Friends of Banyule Inc

President & Public Officer of Friends of Banyule Inc, a community not- for-profit organisation to enhance and protect the environmental assets of Banyule City. Currently fighting the proposed NE Link freeway through one of inner Melbourne's most ecologically sensitive areas and historical areas.
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5 Responses to Rosanna’s Peak Hour Sardine Express

  1. francis G says:

    It’s another symptom of our population growth outstripping infrastructure, and funding.

  2. Fergus says:

    We must have been on the same train! When I look at the Hurstbridge line nowadays, I am reminded of the Marge Simpson comment – “Fox became a hard core porn channel so gradually, no one really noticed”. What with the changed timetable, change of direction around the loop, and the at least weekly unannounced termination at Flinders Street (necessitating the high speed dash across to Platform 1 in time to see the next loop train depart as you reach the bottom of the escalator), my daily commute has blown out by 20 minutes at least. And that’s without the “equipment faults”. And it all happened so slowly ….

  3. Emma says:

    Parking at Rosanna Station is a nightmare!

  4. Feline Cyclist says:

    Your point about timely updates is a good one. Metro and MetLink are not making good use of the new technology available to it. Take the MetLink app – a perfect avenue for advising of these sorts of disruptions… Except it doesn’t. The MetLink app does not display real-time timetable information. It only displays scheduled times. It is, in essence, an electronic version of your paper timetable. No extra advantage obtained by the availability of new technology.

  5. Ari says:

    This is me: Off to the city on a crisp Monday morning. Feeling okay. This is where I go: Packed train. This is what I feel: hot garlic breath directed to the back of my head with added bonus of hacking cough. This is what I hear: We apologise … static… delay…defective train…static…train. This is what I think: *&%%*! This is me: cheesed off, again.

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