Send your objections about Banyule Homestead to Heritage Victoria !

Apologies – in our haste to act quickly, we noted in our last blog post to send your Objections to Banyule Council.  This is incorrect. The Objections should go to Heritage Victoria.

Following is information that has been letter-boxed to residents of Buckingham Drive – it may assist you in submitting your Objection :

Dear Resident

You may be aware that an Application has been submitted to Heritage Victoria to subdivide 60 Buckingham Drive, also known as the ‘Banyule Homestead’, into 3 new allotments and an additional 3 new dwellings (townhouses).

Friends of Banyule do not support this Application because we exist to help to preserve the environmental values of Banyule City and the Banyule Homestead is too valuable an historic asset, a key part of the history of Banyule and Melbourne. To let it and its surrounding heritage location be permanently diminished by inappropriate development would be a total travesty.

Friends of Banyule as a community organisation are submitting an Objection to Heritage Victoria today. We have contacted Heritage Victoria and they have confirmed that there is no ‘official’ form for putting in an Objection to them.

Help us object by putting in your own personal written Objection to Heritage Victoria as soon as possible. Heritage Victoria have informed us that Objections will be received by them after 25 May 2011, but that they must be received very soon thereafter.

Further details of the Application currently listed with Heritage Victoria are available here

We have also taken the liberty of listing some key points that you are welcome to use, along with your own personal objections.

Kind regards

Kevin Biaggini
Friends of Banyule

Address & development application no. information to be included with your Objection :

Heritage Victoria
55 Collins Street
Melbourne   VIC   3000

Application No. P14282 ;  Heritage property no. H0926

Following are some key points that you are welcome to use, that may assist you in your Application :

1.  The property is an historic homestead that is known and held in high regard by Melburnians

2.  It was supposedly to be held in Trust to preserve its dignity

3.  It must be kept in its present state, without further degradation for the benefit of present and future generations

4.  The developmnet would seriously diminish the views of the heritage property from the Main Yarra Trail and the Banyule Flats Wetlands

5.  The property has been subdivided over the years and needs not to be subdivided or diminished any further

6.  All existing residences in Buckingham Drive are free-standing houses and the proposed development of townhouses would seriously diminish one of the premier streets of Banyule

7.  The proposed development is not in-keeping with the neighbourhood character

8.  This would have to be the worst location in Banyule for a sub-division proposal because it is analogous with putting up townhouses next to Captain Cook’s cottage

9.  The proposed development would destroy the amenity and heritage of the surrounding grounds

10.  The proposed development compromises the significance of the registered place

11.  The proposed development would affect the existing significant garden setting, landscape and trees

Historic Banyule Homestead overlooking the Banyule Wetlands


About Friends of Banyule Inc

President & Public Officer of Friends of Banyule Inc, a community not- for-profit organisation to enhance and protect the environmental assets of Banyule City. Currently fighting the proposed NE Link freeway through one of inner Melbourne's most ecologically sensitive areas and historical areas.
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2 Responses to Send your objections about Banyule Homestead to Heritage Victoria !

  1. Rowena says:

    Further crucial points (1st 3 pts from the Victorian Heritage database site) to note in case for opposing development on the current Banyule Homestead property:
    * Banyule Homestead is a substantial and unique pre-gold rush residence.
    * The setting of the homestead adds greatly to its significance in providing the only example of a pre-gold rush era building in the Melbourne suburban area that has retained a substantial part of its original vistas and views.
    * The architecture of the building is a rare example of the Elizabethan style, and has no direct comparison in Victoria.
    * Intrusion on the current small grounds that are left would leave the building visually squashed and hindered on the south side, fully intruding on the visual space that such a building needs to maintain it’s place in the physical environment.
    *The house has limited space and grounds around it currently. To reduce this to the minimum, is a massive intrusion on the house. To protect it from any street and potential grafitti vandalism will require a fence to be built, further enclosing the house and creating an ugly visual scar. Fencing may also damage the substantial trees on the site.
    *Exclusion of an appropriate amount of space around the building, will further detract from the important cultural heritage of this site, and vandalise it’s significance.
    *Von Mueller, the famous landscape architect and horticulturalist who developed Melbourne’s world renowned Botanic Gardens was reputedly involved with the original garden. The large trees on the southern side would have to be chopped down, leaving the house visually bare and exposed.
    * Development of this site for housing is vandalisation of our State’s heritage, for short-term, short-sighted private wealth creation. There are many other sites which can be better developed for urban housing without intrusion on a key Melbourne historical site.
    *Extraordinarily insensitive proposal for a unique heritage site.

  2. Mark Watson says:

    We in the Glenard Estate suffered the greed of the Grollo’s when the Glenard Homestead was up for subdivision, some feisty residence led to a residents win at VCAT based on ‘curitlage’ or the area surrounding the building or structure. Look up Banyule versus Gro-Ruz Pty Ltd.


    Mark W

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